Live Aboard

Mana Marina is a fantastic place to live, but due to the size of our facilities we’ve had to limit the number of people living aboard permanently.

Vessel owners may stay overnight on their vessels in Mana Marina on a casual basis, but any person seeking to live aboard a vessel in Mana Marina for a continuous and regular period, must gain Mana Marina approval by completing a Live-Aboard Permit (LAB) Application. 

The following conditions apply to Live-Aboard Renters at Mana Marina:

  • Live-Aboard fees are payable to Mana Marina for the power and other services provided.

  • Only applications made on the Mana Marina Live-Aboard Permit Application will be accepted.

  • Permit applications must be signed by applicant and the berth owner (Licence Holder).

  • Vessels must be insured (minimum of $5million third party cover) and have a current EWOF

  • Live-Aboard Status is only available to Vessel owners and/or immediate family.

  • Live-Aboard Permits expire each year on 31 July and must be reapplied for and approved annually by the Mana Marina Board.