Marina Rules and Conditions of Use
+ Standard Terms of Trade

When a vessel enters Mana Marina, it immediately comes under the general jurisdiction of the Marina Management. To ensure your safety and enjoyment of our Marina facilities please observe the following
Marina Rules and Conditions of Use:

Signs relating to the use of the Marina and directions issued by Mana Marina are to be observed.

Vessel Speed within the Marina
Mana Marina is a no wake zone. Vessel speed is restricted to 3 knots. When returning to the Marina, it is good practice to reduce your speed as you approach so that you are travelling no more than 3 knots as you enter the breakwater. No sailing in the Marina is permitted unless in an emergency.

All vessels must be properly and safely secured following the Marina Mooring Line Policy found on the Marina website under Mooring Lines. Please ensure no part of any vessel overhangs the pier walkway or is outside of the berth dimensions.

Berths may only be occupied by the vessel registered with the Marina Office. Any other vessel occupying the berth can be removed by Mana Marina and removal/berthage fees applied.

Berth Owners
Berth Owners (Licenceholders) should familiarise themselves with their responsibilities and the requirements of the Deed of Licence concerning the ownership of the berth and should refer to the Berth Owner’s Responsibilities and Obligations found on the Marina website.  

Vessel owners with an existing rental must have their berth owner’s permission in writing to sublet their berth and are required to inform the Marina Office all relevant boat and contact details for emergency or security purposes.

Commercial Activity
Commercial activity is not permitted in the Marina without written authority from Management.
A vessel address and/or berth number may not be used for commercial purposes.

Advertising or soliciting is not permitted on any vessel within the Marina. No “For Sale” signs may be posted on any vessel, pile or piers or any other signs put up without permission from Marina Management.

To stay in Mana Marina, vessels occupying a berth must hold public liability insurance cover of $5 million minimum and provide proof of currency to the Marina Office annually.

Power Connections
Any vessel plugged into the Marina supply must have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF) complying with AS/NZS 3004.2. A copy of your vessel’s current EWOF certificate must be given to the Marina Office. Shore power supply leads must be tested and tagged annually to comply with AS/NZS3760.

Live-aboard Permit
Vessel owners may stay overnight in Mana Marina on a casual basis but any person seeking to live aboard
must apply for a Live-aboard Permit. Resident rules and permit application can be found on the Marina website under Live Aboard.

Right of Entry
In the absence of the vessel owner, Marina staff are permitted to enter the vessel and carry out repairs to prevent damage to any property. The vessel owner will be liable for expenses incurred.

Noise Nuisance
Users of Mana Marina are entitled to the “quiet enjoyment” of the facilities. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Please ensure halyards are secured.

No washing is to be hung out on your vessel at any time. Laundry facilities are provided for Marina occupants.

Pollution, Rubbish and Recycling
No effluent, rubbish or other pollutant may be thrown, disposed of or permitted to escape in any part of the Marina, other than in the receptacles provided. Skip bins are for Marina waste only, and fines may be issued to illegal dumpers. Recycling via our recycling stations is actively encouraged.

Waste Oil
Waste oil must be disposed of in the waste oil containers, at the waste oil station located at the northern Rubbish and Recycling site.

Bilge Water
To prevent bilge oil spills, make sure your boat and engine are well maintained. The following steps are recommended:

  • Check the engine for leaking fuel or oil and immediately repair any problems.

  • Stop water leaking into the boat, so you don’t need to pump the bilges out so often.

  • Clean up any oil in the bilges before turning on the pump.

  • Soak up any floating oil with absorbent material and keep a piece under the engine to soak up any leaks.

  • If you have an automatic bilge pump, you must keep the bilge clean of oil at all times.

  • Vessels identified as pumping fouled water will be required to fit a filter.

Diesel Fuel Wharf
A self-service diesel fuel pump is located on the fuel wharf. Refuelling of boats within the Marina may only be done at the fuel wharf or by handheld containers. Refuelling from a petrol tanker is prohibited.

Safe Repair
All vessels shall be kept in good and safe repair, with adequate anodes and regular slipping and antifouling. Vessels must be able to move under their own power. Vessels that do not comply will not be permitted to stay in the Marina. Non-compliant vessels can be issued with a written notice to comply. Mana Marina can arrange for work to be done on vessels to bring them up to standard, following such notice, at the owner’s expense.

Vessels must have a clean hull on entry to Mana Marina and must provide proof of recent slipping when asked. Full co-operation must be extended to all relevant authorities responsible for surveillance, surveys and control of unwanted or risk organisms. The Manager may exclude from the Marina any boat or equipment which is known to harbour unwanted or risk organisms until satisfactory evidence is produced to the Manager that appropriate treatment has been completed.

Sanding, welding and grinding on board a vessel in the Marina is prohibited. Painting may be done with permission from the Manager.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and under proper control. Please ensure that any fouling caused by pets is immediately and properly disposed of.

Swimming and Fishing
Swimming, fishing and diving is prohibited. Model boats are not to be operated in the Marina.

Children under the age of 12 must be actively supervised in the Marina. It is recommended that children wear a suitable properly fitted lifejacket.

Pier walkways must always be kept clear of rubbish and obstacles. Dinghies may not be left on fingers or piers. Please do not modify piers without prior approval of the Marina Manager.

Mana Marina shall have a right of lien or charge in respect of any vessel, or other property in or about the Marina for the purpose of recovering all moneys due, whether on account of non-payment of fees, debt collection cost incurred by the Berth Owner in respect of a licence, non-payment of other moneys due to Mana Marina, recompense for damage done, or anything else.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety is a shared responsibility of all Marina users. A copy of Mana Marina’s Health and Safety Policy is available at the Marina Office for viewing. All health and safety rules must be abided by.

Mana Marina is classed as a public space and is therefore an alcohol-free zone.

Reporting Accident or Damage
Please ensure all hazards, accidents, and damage to vessels or Marina structures are reported to the Marina Office as soon as possible after the event.

Fire Fighting Equipment
It is good practice to keep suitable fire extinguishers on your vessel and check these regularly. Fire hoses are located on each pier, and a fire extinguisher is available near the entrance of each pier. In the event of a fire please dial 111 and then contact the Marina Manager who will activate the Marina fire plans.

Marina Trolleys
For the convenience of others, Marina trolleys must be returned to the pier entrances marked on the trolley immediately after use.

Exclusion of Liability Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd and its employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered to a person, vessel or any property within the Marina however any loss or damage may have occurred.

All contractors working within the Marina must follow the Contractor Policy available on the Marina website under Contractors. This includes reporting to the Marina Office upon arrival, an induction to working in the Marina, and provide a copy of their Ship Repairers (or equivalent) insurance certificate. 

Vehicles + Parking
Vehicles in Mana Marina must observe parking and speed restrictions. There are fewer parking spaces than berths and the parking within the Marina barriers is for Marina occupants only. Parked vehicles must have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration. Vehicles are not to be used as storage. Abandoned vehicles can be removed at the owner’s expense. No bicycle, skateboard, motorcycle or other vehicle may be ridden on any walkway or pier.

Boat Trailer Parks
The car park is for cars. The boat trailer park is for boats. Boat trailers may only be parked in a designated Boat Trailer Park. Trailers must not exceed the dimensions of their park. See Boat Trailer Park Application form under Boat Trailer Parking.

Marina Access Cards
Access cards to Marina facilities are authorised for use by current Marina vessel owners and Licenceholders only. Cards should be surrendered to the Marina Office at the conclusion of service with the Marina. 

Standards and Practices
The Marina is a great community facility and place of enjoyment and we expect our members to show respect and consideration of others.

Standard Terms of Trade


Mana Marina – means Mana Marina (Paremata) Ltd
Customer – means the person or entity purchasing or agreeing to purchase the product
You/your – means you as the person (the Customer) agreeing to purchase the product
Charges – means all the charges payable by you to Mana Marina for the product and includes GST
Product – any product or service provided by Mana Marina for which fees are charged and includes Berth rental, Licenceholder (Berth Owner) fees, Berth Transfer Fees, Boat Trailer Park Rental, Live-aboard Charges, Power charges, Sundry products, etc
Terms – means these Terms of Trade, as altered by Mana Marina from time to time


These Terms apply to the transactions between Mana Marina and you, the customer, when purchasing, or agreeing to purchase, a product.

Purchasing or agreeing to purchase a product from Mana Marina means you agree to these terms.

It’s your responsibility to read and understand these terms. Failure to do so does not exempt you from any liability and is at your own risk.

You also agree to the Marina Rules and Conditions of Use, and any additional Terms and Conditions applying to the product you purchase.

You will be charged for the Product at the current price for that product listed by Mana Marina, or at such a lessor price that is agreed by Mana Marina, prior to commencing the agreement.

Prices quoted are including GST, unless otherwise stated.

Payment for the Product will be made against an invoice issued by Mana Marina only. All invoices are to be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

If you fail to pay any Charges on time, you are liable to Mana Marina (on demand) a late payment fee of 1.5% per month (compounding) on all outstanding Charges, or at the rate Mana Marina specifies from time to time, and all of the Marina’s debt recovery costs (including debt collection and other agency and legal fees).

Contact Details
You must provide to Mana Marina, your current residential and postal address or addresses and contact phone number, and any changes to those contact details. You are deemed to have received such notice or communication within 3 working days after posting. Any notice may be given by phone, in person, posted or sent by email to you.

You authorize Mana Marina to seek and obtain any relevant information about you from any person (including debt collection agencies) and to use that information for purposes associated with your purchase of Mana Marina product. You authorize Mana Marina to send you newsletters and other promotional and important safety information from time to time.

You have the right to access information held on you by Mana Marina and request this information is corrected or ask for a copy of this.

Dispute Resolution
If you have a dispute, please put this in writing to the Manager or Board of Directors at Mana Marina so that we can investigate and resolve this with you. In the event that we are unable to come to a resolution, the outcome shall be determined by a single arbitrator to be agreed upon by the parties or in default of agreement, to be appointed by the District Law Society having jurisdiction in the District of Wellington.

Governing Law
These Terms of Trade are Governed by the Laws of New Zealand. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand for any disputes or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Trade.

You must provide to Mana Marina, your current residential and postal address or addresses and contact phone number, and any changes to those contact details. You are deemed to have received such notice or communication within three working days after posting. Any notice may be given by phone, in person, posted or sent by email to you.